Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Type of Chinese Tea: Flower Tea

Taste of Tea: The color of this Rose Tea liquid is limpid with faint scent. Its taste is fresh and sweet.

Chinese Tea Description: This Red Rose Tea is a romantic symbol. It spreads sweet and fragrant smell. The calyces of rose contains rich vitamin A, B, E, K, P, and especially C. The content of vitamin C in a cup of calyces of rose equals the same content vitamin C of 150 oranges. Therefore, it has salient function in beautifying skin.

Origin: Kunming Economic Development Zone, Yunnan, China.

Tea Storage: Store the Rose Tea in a cool, dry place.

Tea Brewing Guide: Use 3-5 Rose Tea and brew with boiling water. Can also be brewed with other Flower Teas and Tea Leaves

Health Benefits of Tea: This Rose Tea helps to regulate qi, release liver pressure, lower body fat, and lose weight. It is also good at nourishing skin. It has special effect for regulating emmenia.

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