Friday, April 30, 2010

Yanko Skin Care

Sekadar hendak berkongsi, manalah tahu ianya boleh membantu rakan2 lain. Dulu muka saya memang tidak sekata, bekas jerawat di wajah nampak bertompok2 itam macam bekas ciken pok (macam salah ejaan aku ni tp asal bunyi sama ok lah tue) selepas menggunakan Yanko Skin Care bekas jerawat pun hilang dan tone muka nampak sekata dan kulit pun gebu ;)


*Excellent Fair Beauty For You*

**From Taiwan

1 Set come with : 1 Day cream 15ml ; 1 Night Cream 15ml & 1 Cleanser 80ml

YANKO (Day Cream): ...for preparing double whitening factor to dissolve and eliminate black spots, freckles, all kinds of sports and pimples caused by infection of bactering. It can be immerge into deep subcutaneous tissue to eliminate incubative pimples andissolve melanin to become whiter and whiter.

YANKO (Night Cream): ... for eliminating black spots, freckles and all kinds of spots to whiten the skin. it contains antiphlogistic and antimcrobial to soothe irritation of allergic skin.

YANKO (Cleanser) : ... it can eliminate smallpox and prevent the producing of wrinkles. You skin will more soft, white and elastic.

Oyaaa lupa pula...yanko skin care ni diperbuat daripada estrak buah-buahan


Anonymous said...

nak beli kat mana?

Anonymous said...

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BlackRed said...

mcm mn nk oeder, dan berapa harga die

BlackRed said...


Anonymous said...

msih pkai lagi yanko skincare ?


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